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Tor Vergata University

In 1998 in Italy, Delta Research & Development became a research center incorporated in a public structure thanks to the prestigious recognition of Tor Vergata University of Rome. A convention stipulated between the two parties recognizes Delta Research & Development as part of the university, at the same time respecting its autonomy and individuality. This convention, designed to extend the number of case histories regarding therapy for drug-resistant chronic pain using Scrambler Therapy® Theory would later allow the first Pilot Centre to be opened at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic (PTV).

Scrambler Therapy® is the result of original research fully and autonomously carried out within Delta Research & Development by Prof. Giuseppe Marineo. The Tor Vergata University of Rome was the first public structure to support the clinical trials.

La Sapienza University of Rome

Delta Research & Development received the recognition of La Sapienza University of Rome by means of collaboration in clinical trials and through the request for synergistic participation in calls for research projects of national interest.

Roma 3 University

In 2005 Prof. Marineo began personal collaboration with the faculty of biology entailing a series of lectures and seminars on the theoretical and biological aspects of the Delta-S Entropy Variation Systems and Scrambler Therapy, an event that transformed this research work into academic teaching.

Other accreditations

Delta Research & Development is also accredited with IRCCS and national research centres of excellence designed to extend clinical trials and verify internally developed research intended for public service

International Relations

Delta Research & Development cooperates and has constant relations with the main US Universities. This cooperations has led to the publication of scientific papers.

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