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Theoretical bases of entropy variation system Delta S

This introduction is necessary because of the peculiar nature of the proposed therapeutic tool (Delta - S ), and of the active principle used, that is, the variation in biological entropy produced by electromagnetic interaction.

The first significant difference compared with other methods is related to the biophysical rather than biochemical therapeutic approach to disease implemented by means of bioengineering rather than by drugs. This is an important difference as it demands a radically different conceptual and methodological approach compared with that normally followed in clinical practice. This is partly the result of the extensive use made in the theoretical formulation of thermodynamics and systems theory on which the proposed models (of both disease and therapy) and the experimental verification are largely based.

Many of the concepts proposed in a physics/engineering approach are purely theoretical and thus not supported by direct observation but by mathematical logic. As such , they can only be verified experimentally, as is normally done in the fields on which the proposed means is based.

One further clarification to justify the introduction is the model of the inverted pyramid, which is accepted by the scientific community. It clarifies and makes explicit the non bidirectionality of the treatment of knowledge drawn from different disciplines. The higher up the pyramid you go the more "abstract" the rationale becomes, thus losing its direct observability, which is instead necessary in other disciplines. One practical example of this is the concept of atom or the standard model of matter. These have radically changed our lives and our knowledge of the universe, although they have never been observed directly, only verified experimentally.

In this connection, I would like to quote a passage from Leon Lederman, Nobel prize-winner for physics:

" ......I can visualize the internal structure of an atom. I can call to mind mental images of cloud like patches of electronic "presences" surrounding the infinitesimal dot of the nucleus that attracts the electron cloud. This mental image is never exactly the same for any two scientists because both obtain it from equations......... "

In the following some models will be proposed which are essential for a correct understanding of the proposed therapy. It should be noted that this is the first time that the use of a pure bioengineering medium has been proposed to the attention of the scientific community, with all the accompany difficulties in adapting the consolidated models that this entails.


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