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Type of medical device and Usage

The name Delta-S identifies a family of medical devices using the same scientific research and technology (Entropy Variation Systems), whereas the following acronym relates to the device specialization in the medical field for which it has been conceived. Specifically, DVD is the acronym chosen to identify the Delta-S family medical device for the treatment of liver cirrhosis, ETV for scars and burns, EVG for organic aging.

In nature, a normal regenerating process is not always possible. The natural regenerating process depends on the seriousness of the pathology and age.This is clearly evident in chronic pathologies such as liver cirrhosis, the formation of scars and in organic aging. Interpreting these phenomena through the thermodynamic, the therapeutic approach has been rationalized in a biophysical model, used subsequently by bioengineering.

Active principle

The Delta-S active principle is to reduce entropy, which in the biological systems is manifested in the reorganization of tissues and organs, as in restoring homeostatic balances. After years of study a family of bioengineering systems (Entropy Variation Systems Delta-S) have been fine tuned in compliance to CE mark, certified by the notification body n. 0476 (already eligible and authorized for outpatient clinic and hospital usage in Europe). The devices are non-invasive, painless, and at the current state of knowledge without side effects if correctly used.

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