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Clinical Aging

From many points of view the natural process of aging may be considered as the first incurable disease that one "gets". Aging is known to be sufficient on its own to cause such serious structural and functional alterations to the vital organs as, once certain limits have been passed, to be incompatible with life. Many aspects may be correctly clarified and defined by means of a biophysical and thermodynamic interpretation of this phenomenon. These aspects involve and characterize the entire basic research of Delta Research & Development.

In this specific case, the active principle of the family of Delta-S Systems, the negative variation of entropy, is closely and inextricably bound up with the inversion of the biological processes involved in aging, an expression in which the very concept of increasing entropy is visibly and completely represented biologically by growing structural and functional disorder, expressed in an increasingly apparent and irreversible fashion with growing age.

The experience acquired through the advanced research of Delta Research & Development in the treatment of serious diseases has led to the development of a dedicated system capable of effectively treating the problems related to degenerative, reparative and deficient homeostatic processes, typical not only of elderly people, but also of those who, for various reasons, suffer borderline or pathological dysfunctions of organs, the correct functioning of which is directly related to longevity in qualitative and quantitative terms.

Delta-S EVG specific Targets

The Delta-S EVG system has been sensitized to cope with these specific Targets, thus affording potential but real prevention of the onset of cardiovascular, oncological and stress-related disorders, problems due to cellular exchange, as well as a significant improvement in the functionality of the organs concerned whenever damage has occurred to them or their functionality has been impaired by age.

The treatment must in no way be considered as an aesthetic cure although, due to related causes, it has a significant effect also on the outward morphology. It is a true clinical therapy for age-related degenerative processes, or which are in any case linked to anamnestic episodes that for other reasons favour/accelerate the degenerative processes themselves. Owing to the nature of the treatment, the effectiveness is easier to evaluate the greater the incidence of the symptomatic aspects linked to or favoured by the subject's age.

The effects are usually perceived immediately, and may be summarized as follows: significant and appreciable state of general well-being greater resistance to fatigue and stress reduction/elimination of disorders of the digestive system (gastritis, ulcers, liver function, poor digestion, etc.), optimization of metabolism. qualitative and quantitative optimization of the immune system beneficial effects on the general circulation (arterial pressure, cerebral circulation, microcirculation, peripheral circulation), also in diabetic subjects optimization of hematopoietic function improvement of renal functionality in its overall complexity improvement of pulmonary ventilation, also in emphysema patients. muscular hypotonia connective tissue, skin quality.

Beneficial changes may be detected by means of specific laboratory tests (doppler, spirometry, blood chemistry analysis , lymphocyte typing, etc.), provided that continuous treatment is sufficiently long for the target envisaged and carried out in accordance with the protocols (minimum treatment time: 3 months).

It is important to consider that this type of treatment is essentially preventative and does not represent an effective cure for serious overt pathologies (tumours, strokes, etc.).

The method is aimed exclusively at optimizing the organic functions damaged by age or other causes having similar effects.

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