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Differences in bioengineering

Bioengineering still lacks an univocal definition and in the academic world spans from clinical engineering to biotechnologies. It is often only directly connected to living matter through the development of alternative technologies such as for example artificial organs.

Delta Research & Development tried to take a step forward in a different direction, by coding a type of bioengineering that doesn't base its development on technology, but on basic research thus becoming a science. This approach enabled a more radical interaction with medical science and biology rather than with technology which is nevertheless necessary in transforming theory research into properly usable therapies.

As a matter of fact Delta Research & Development scientific production does not propose alternative technologies to living matter, but theory models of chronic diseases comprehension, and therapies able to restore and not replace normal biological functions.

In this direction Delta Research & Development represents still today an atypical phenomenon which turned out to be extremely productive in terms of scientific innovation applied to previously unsolved problems. Today, thanks to this research work these problems can be easily treated from a clinical view point.

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